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Kokoda is the national dish of Fiji.  It is very similar to a ceviche in that raw fish is "cooked" in acidic citrus juices.  I found a traditional recipe for kokoda here.

I made this recipe on Monday, July 7.  I thought it was okay - It wasn't super flavorful.  There was some heat, and I could definitely taste the lime.  I wanted the coconut flavor to come through more.  Andy ate one piece of fish and said, "I don't think I can eat this."  He thought it was too citrusy.  We're big fans of sushi, but this one didn't really do it for us.

- 1 mahi mahi fillet
- 1/2 c. lime juice (for marinading)
- 1 c. coconut cream
- 1/2 c. lime juice (for serving)
- 2 T. finely diced shallots
- 2 T. finely diced red jalapeño
- 2 T. finely diced green jalapeño
- 2 T. finely diced cucumber
- 2 T. finely diced red chile pepper- 2 T. finely chopped cilantro
- 2 T. finely chopped tomato
- Salt and pepper to taste

1) Dice the fish fillet into small cubes.  Place in a non-reactive container with the lime juice to marinade.  Cover and refrigerate for 12-24 hours until opaque and "cooked."
Before "cooking"
After "cooking"
2) Drain the lime juice and discard.
3) Combine coconut cream and lime juice into a mixing bowl.  Add the "cooked" fish to the liquid along with all of the other ingredients.  Stir until combined.
All ingredients added, but not stirred in
All stirred up!
4) Transfer to a serving dish.  Serves 4.

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